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Climate change is a reality indeed. Even though some politicians might decide to look elsewhere or ignore the facts. Scientists knew this was coming and were advising to do something about it long ago. Now time is of the essence and I want to share with you a very special event we got to attend and learn from a lot.

Tamara Kreisler, Institutional Relations Director and Board member of the Climate Reality Project, delivered a very interesting talk about the actual climate crisis. She explained how we need to move to a low carbon emission economy if we want to be able to keep our lifestyle quality. She shared some scary figures. Like that every day we are releasing 110 millions of tonnes of carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Honestly, think of the magnitude of those numbers. It makes me shiver just the thought of it! But let’s not feel discouraged or powerless. Every little bit counts. Everyone is important. In sustainability, our Earth needs us to be careful and caring, but it is a journey, so it is not about being perfect but about trying our best.

climate change talk climate crisis

Tamara showed the importance of being aware of how much garbage and pollution we create, most of the time, without even being aware. We have a post with the Carbon Calculator if you want to be able to see your own impact. At the end of the day, there are small decisions we can take that will make a difference. Like carpooling, or using public transportation. Recycling is great but the first step must be to try to reduce the need to recycle. How? By using long-lasting products and avoid single-use plastics as much as possible.

In fashion and food is where I feel we definitely need to adjust our consumption to what we really need. I feel we lost it totally. It might seem counter-intuitive for a fashion business to say this, but it is what we really think. Don’t buy -even from us- unless you really need it.


This climate change talk was a women-led event, organized by Gema Blanco, representative of one of our soon-to-join brands Castaño de Indias. Everyone enjoyed the talk and we shared the common feeling that as mothers we have a crucial role. Also as mothers, we have a huge responsibility. We all want to hand out our children a better world. At least, a place where they will be able to live and thrive. So, we have to roll our sleeves and start working together.

Talking even more about girl power, Did you know that around 80% of the decisions in any given family are taken by women? Let´s use this power to shift things, educate our families and be the force behind the future.

Together, we can!

By the way, Tamara Kreisler was trained directly by Al -Gore, yep! the US presidential candidate. He is a leading figure in the climate crisis fight providing training and education to people around the world to understand and act in this very important matter. If you want to join the next training, click this link.


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