earthing how to get grounded grounding

I learned recently something that I have intuitively done since I was a little girl: the fact of being “grounded” as connected to the Earth or earthing and wanted to share it with you, in case you can also enjoy the benefits. Are you ready to be forever grounded? Quite literally so!


With the Covid-19 and all the episodes of sadness, frustration, and mental disorders we have seen, there must be something we are missing from being out. One of them, being our very much needed Vitamin D, and the other, probably this special link to our Mother Earth. Not sure in other locations, but in Dubai, families are looking to rent or buy houses with a garden in case there are new quarantines to follow. It is not only a matter of space. There is much more than.

This week I came across one movie called “Earthing: The remarkable science of grounding”. In the line of the type of media and documentaries that I am consuming lately, it was interesting to see that there is a real connection between us and Mama Earth. We are wired, electromagnetically to our beautiful planet. Our bodies are like they are thanks to them being bioelectrical. We are energy and energy has certain rules.

earthing how to get grounded grounding


Same as our houses are ground-wired to avoid that, in case of a short circuit, a shock, or electrocution might happen, we need to be grounded too. It works by providing a path for the electrical current to be absorbed into the ground. Without a ground wire, your body touching the electrical device (and think the many electrical devices we have at home nowadays ) may complete the ground path.  We are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiation waves from electronic devices like our mobiles, wifi, tv’s, computers, etc… And they are affecting our energy field whether we notice it or not. From an earthing perspective, our bodies are already short-circuiting.

But it was not like this before. In fact, we used to be connected back in the day when the soles of our shoes were made out of leather or other natural materials like straw. Since the invention of synthetic rubber and the popularization of extruded plastics, the shoe industry changed the materials used to create shoes. Ever since we lost that special connection as plastic is not a conductor and actually insulate us from this energy flow. Think about it next time when you see those big chunky sneakers.

But why is this so important? Why being grounded is beneficial for us or not?


First of all, we must admit that walking barefoot on sand, on the grass … it feels good! For some reason, it does. Not sure if it is the texture under our feet, that feel like a caress, like a gentle massage… maybe it has to do with that connection, maybe our feet need freedom away from heels, from straps and shoelaces. Walking barefoot is simply great. But of course, in bad weather or certain terrains, walking barefoot can be a pain.

earthing how to get grounded grounding

It looks like the disconnection is costing us a lot of inflammation, stress, anxiety, hormonal unbalance, circadian mess, pain, fatigue, and premature aging. Some people might be more sensitive to it, but scientific evidence is there. When we are grounded, our bodies are able to:

Earthing allows the flow of negatively charged electrons from the Earth’s surface into the body. These electrons neutralize positively charged free radicals that cause chronic inflammation and premature aging. An excess of free radicals damages our cell membranes and our DNA, leading to cancer and other illnesses.

So, what can we do to get ourselves grounded?



  • The first step would be to change our shoes. Get natural materials especially on their soles and avoid plastics. If you have little ones, it is especially difficult to avoid plastic, but check these earthing shoes that are handmade using vegetable-tanned leather. You can find them at our shop.

Some more kids and baby grounding shoes…

  • There are other shoes that have a copper wire across the sole, connecting our skin with the Earth. Normally they are sandals or very summery styles. If you are open to experimenting, you can try to create your own Copper-wired sandals with some old flip flops and see how it goes.
  • Try to walk barefoot. Even in busy cities, surrounded by concrete, we have parks, beaches, riversides, forests… Be intentional about being barefoot. Feel the soles of your feet and the tingly sensation when you are in the flow.


  • Try to reconnect with nature. It is not only through our feet that we can get connected. Our hands and our whole bodies also long for that connection. Get a towel and lay on the grass, gaze at the blue skies or the stars, and feel it. Hug a tree or do some gardening. It is calming and it will help you get aligned.
  • Swim in the ocean if you have a beach close by. If not, have a cold shower… it is invigorating and will give a good boost of energy. Here you have some suggestions to go to the beach and enjoy the connection.
  • Stand like a tree. The tree pose in yoga is powerful and if you imagine yourself growing roots through your feet and branches full of leaves and fruits in your hands growing towards the skies, even more. Feel how you are becoming one with the Earth? Then, you are Earthing.
  • Be aware of your breathing. Don’t need to change anything, just observe it. It will calm your anxiety and make you be present.


All this is not something new. The traditional Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine already spoke about how our bodies are part of the transfer of celestial energy to the Earth. The Qi, the Prana, the Chakras… all are ways to picture this energy flow.

One thing though, when there is a thunderstorm, please make sure to be insolated from the flow. At that time is the only moment when I don’t recommend you to be grounded. All the rest of the time, be one with Earth! And that means also to take care of her. Don’t abuse her resources, don’t litter, avoid being on the side of the polluters and pollutants. Together we can make a real change.

The first step is appreciating how lucky we are to be on this beautiful blue planet. It has provided enough for all of us to thrive and evolve. It is our home and so far there is no planet B. So, let’s be gentle and careful when we do our daily choices. It is in the little decisions that we can make a bigger impact.

I am leaving you here the movie documentary for you to enjoy and learn more about Earthing.


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earthing how to get grounded grounding
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