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Valentine's day giveaway Dubai

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we at Goshopia believe that everyone should be able to celebrate love, the single ones too. Valentine’s for us is about all kinds of love: love between couples, self-love, love towards friends and family, but also those who we appreciate the most.

Many people do not want to celebrate this day and may even feel a little sad about not being able to enjoy it for various reasons. This is why we wanted to focus on everyone out there, no matter your relationship status. We are hoping that you are building a relationship with sustainability which means the world to us. So, we prepared a little giveaway for all of our supporters and followers. This Valentine’s day we want to show you some love for all the love and appreciation that you have given us. 

We teamed up with @lordelatorrephoto, @silke_styles, and @dubai.makeupartist.hairdresser to bring you this very special Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

All of these women are extremely talented and will empower and support you through this entire photoshoot. You will not only get wonderful pictures but also have an amazing day full of fun and laughter! 

What will you win?

You will win an amazing photoshoot where we will take care of your clothing, makeup, and styling. In addition, you also win a 200dhs voucher to be used at Goshopia.

All this is worth over 2500dhs …  So it is one of a kind opportunity to have beautiful pictures and enjoy an amazing experience!


You will get styled with Goshopia’s eco-friendly clothes by the amazing stylist @silke_styles. Silke is a styling coach who helps find women their personal style and look and feel fantastic about themselves. 

Your hair and makeup will be done by @dubai.makeupartist.hairdresser who has over 10 years of experience in international fashion hubs such as Paris, Taipei, Shanghai, and Dubai.

 Lastly, you will be photographed by a catwalk professional photographer-the one and only @lordelatorrephoto who also has 10 years of professional experience shooting for advertising campaigns, magazines, or influencers!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Follow the participant Instagram accounts @goshopia_official, @lordelatorrephoto, @silke_styles, and @dubai.makeupartist.hairdresser and give them some love! 🥰
  2.  Like & Save the post on our @goshopia_official Instagram account.
  3.  Tag 2 friends who believe in a sustainable lifestyle and tell us one eco-friendly tip you love and do! The more friends you tag, the better! If you believe this would be an amazing gift for someone, follow the steps below and tell us who would deserve this the most and why. 

       Extra Bonus if you share it in your stories and send it to your friends!

We will be announcing the winner of the Valentine’s Day Giveaway on our Instagram stories on Valentine’s Day!


This giveaway is only open to Dubai residents. We will be announcing the winner 14th of February 2022. We will coordinate with you when is the best time for the photo shooting! Fake celebrity/ giveaway accounts will not be considered. We will be sharing the pictures on social media.

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beautiful kimonos in Dubai Expo 2020 commercial

Hi conscious family!

Today we are sharing one piece of news that made us dance even without music. Yuhu! Goshopia is at the Expo 2020 commercial! We got to dress the gorgeous Raquel Cuesta, one of the most beloved Spanish nationals in Dubai as she was the star of an advertisement inviting Spanish people to come and visit Expo 2020.

Raquel has been a member of the Goshopia tribe from the very beginning. When she got this opportunity she reached out and selected some looks that would express her vitality and kind personality. The Earth Kimono and the Golden Sun Embera Beaded Necklace were the final pieces selected and as you can see, she totally rocks them.

Have a look here!


If you like this Earth Kimono or the brighter Air Kimono, send us a message as they totally sold out the minute we received them. No worries! We are taking orders for the next batch! This fabric is super special, made with ecological viscose and printed with a unique design. It is one-size-fits-all and just fits beautifully with any outfit you might be wearing, whether formal or casual. Send us a message if you want to pre-order and join the lucky list.

This is the beauty of slow fashion. The fact that there are not many pieces done, means you have a very exclusive garment of very high quality. Also, it means you allow us to meet the real demand of the product and we avoid unnecessary waste. It is a win for you and it is a win for the environment.

The only thing is that we need you to be patient. We will need to print the fabric again, and there is a long queue to get it done. It is an external process and we are basically in the hands of the printers. That is why we are not able to give you a specific date as yet as they are not confirming a date either. But if you join the list, we will keep you posted about the whole journey!

beautiful kimonos in Dubai Expo 2020 commercial

Also, in the Expo commercial, you see Raquel boasting the Golden Sun Embera Necklace. These pieces are one of a kind and it got sold already. Check the many others available at our showroom or on our website. Our Embera collection is our way to support the Embera tribe and their forest traditional lifestyle. Each has a unique meaning and there are no two looking the same!

Have a look at these beauties!


We want to thank you for your support!

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Goshopia at Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week is an annual week-long festival featuring Downtown Design celebrating design and creativity in the UAE and beyond. This year is even bigger and better than others with an extensive program including 200+ exhibitions, installations, talks, workshops, and of course the Marketplace.

We are all looking forward to meeting you there. We have new designers that will totally rock your mind and will inspire you with fresh ideas to gift, wear, and enjoy.

Dubai Design Week Marketplace

When: 8th -13th of November 2021. The marketplace is only on the weekend 12th & 13th of Nov from 10.00-21.00. So look for the Goshopia gazebo- Nr 14-  and come to say Hi!

Where: D3- Dubai Design District

Dubai Design Week has as key components: DownTown Design, MENA Grad Show, Abwab installation, and Make Space- to enjoy a myriad of workshops and masterclasses. The cherry on top is the Marketplace. A fantastic outdoor market with the best of local design and representing sustainability, you will find yours truly: Goshopia.

Remember that if for some reason you can not make it to the Marketplace, we can always assist you in our private showroom.

At the Marketplace booth, you will see pieces from Victoria Road, Canussa, and Vino Supraja to name a few. Also, Duet Luxury, AAKS, Qazi Design, Sinifana, Luxiders, The Conscious Fashion, Etuix, and Candy will be there. And this time we will have also green beauty with Foxy Skin.

Because now in Goshopia, besides fashion & accessories we have two exciting new categories: Home décor and Beauty! Yey! We are working hard to become your one-stop shop for all your eco-friendly needs.

Dubai sustainable fashion Shop


We also want to share with you some workshops of friend Theresa Sui from Skills3 and Christine from are doing as part of the event. If you can join it will be fantastic!

Date: Monday, 8th November

Goshopia at Dubai Design Week Sustainable Fashion Time: 2 sessions: 16.30 to 18.30 and 19.00 to 21.00.

Painting with Plastic Workshop

  • A creative way to recycle plastic using colored layers, text, or stenciled shapes to create unique art and designs.
  • Participants can bring their own plastic bags to the workshop and have them up-cycled into long-lasting art. If you forget, Christine will provide. The participants of this workshop will be able to take home their creations in a frame or have them sewn onto a tote bag by, creating a personalized sustainable bag. All materials, including the frame and the bag, will be included.
  • Recommended for ages 12 and above.
    Fee: AED 100.


Dates:  Friday 12th & 13th November

Building 6, Room 5- D3


Workshop:    T-Shirt to tote bag workshop

  • Time: 11am – 12pm
  • Cost:              AED50
  • Suitable for all ages from 5+
  • Please note there will be scissors
  • * Random plain and printed t-shirts will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own


Heat Press Studio – A multimedia project: Embroider and doodle a pencil case or tote bag

  • Time: –          12.30pm – 1.30pm
  • Cost: AED75
  • Age:  Suitable for all ages from 7+
  • Please note there will be scissors and needles.


Upcycled Skipping Rope Workshop

  • Time: 2pm – 3pm
  • Cost: AED75
  • Age: Suitable for all ages from 6+




Our friends from Cosentino together with ANARCHITECT will have an installation that seems super interesting. It is called Context Reflections. Built using the first carbon-neutral surface collection from Cosentino (Yey! The materials we need in our life), the installation will invite visitors to pause and discover the intriguing play of penetrated light created via a naturally occurring optical phenomenon.

The self-operating, low-tech installation drives inspiration from the principles of ‘Camera Obscura’ of why we see and what we see. Our eyes work in the same way and our brain re-processes the inverted image projected onto our retina to construct the perception of the world as we know it. The concept raises awareness and creates an opportunity for introspective contemplation, asking observers to further question the importance of natural light, the environment, social behavior, and the responsibility to preserve and behold all that is important.


Also, on the 11th of November at 18.00 Cosentino is hosting our admired Janaika from Urban Nest, one of our designers part of Goshopia’s Home section. She will be talking about Dutch Design. If it is a topic you would love to know more about, join the talk. She is a walking encyclopedia on the topic. Check the selection of sustainable home decor & furniture pieces here.


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school of happiness Goshopia

The past 10th of June was a very special day for us. We were soft-launching a concept that we wanted to implement long ago and the pandemic put on hold. Let me introduce you to the brand new and shiny School of Happiness. With the School of Happiness, we want to share the goodness of our community, learn from one another tools, tips, and tricks to live a healthier, happier, better life.

When sharing the concept I realized how much potential we have within our own community. As a result, it was easy as pie to get it organized. We wanted this first event to be small and be able to ask the participants what they liked and what they wanted. It was a total success and we enjoyed it very much.



In this first class of The School of Happiness, we learned about Positive Discipline with Carolina Picazo.  How to deal with our children, our husband, and our relationships to be kind and have communication flowing is critical. Just by using easy techniques and understand the different perspectives, we can improve so much. As a new mum, I got fantastic advice to educate and negotiate with my little one.  You can find more about Carol’s mission in @lideraenpositivo. She is a certified facilitator and happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

One thing I loved from her experience was about meetings. As adults we dread them, but let me tell you she has a very different approach to them. She shared how having short weekly meetings in which everyone in the family got to express their conflicts and shared the solutions, made her family life so much better. Now the conflicts were handled not in the heat of the moment. What is best, together with the problems, came the solutions.

school of happiness Goshopia


We also enjoyed the demo of Cristina Valera from @foodiegourmets and her passion for healthy cooking. This time she brought her Thermomix and prepared in front of us delicious nut and raisin bread and carrot hummus that were so finger-licking good!!! It was my first time seeing the Thermomix in action and I fell in love. It is amazing how easy it is to cook following the instructions and the never-ending list of recipes for every taste and occasion.

I never imagined it could be so eco-friendly. For example, as you can cook in different levels at the same time you can reduce the energy. Another feature I loved was the fact that if you wanted to use a particular ingredient or ingredients (like that end of week fridges that require an effort with your imagination to complete a meal or when it is apple season and you have a pair of trees in your garden), you can look for recipes using those ingredients and have so many creative ideas as inspiration. It is great for planning the whole week’s meals as you can plan the recipes ahead of time and it will even give you the shopping list. You only need to go to the supermarket and get the materials.

school of happiness Goshopia


As the organizer, I also got to speak about my passion: sustainable fashion and sustainable living. I shared how we can implement strategies in our daily lives that can reduce our environmental impact. We spoke about the Cora Ball and the Guppy bag, we explained the stories behind our clothes or our accessories and what makes them so special. We spoke about our 3 S’s: Slow, Sustainable, and Socially Responsible fashion. There is a whole new world behind the glamour and bling of the fast fashion industry.  I truly believe fashion can and should be a force for good. A force to support the social and economical development of SME’s and artisans. A force to provide for the people taking care of the Earth- our farmers- and for the people creating our garments. There is a Revolution coming, a Fashion Revolution indeed and you are invited!

We will be doing more sessions of the School of Happiness after the summer. So stay tuned and join our newsletter to be in the loop!


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