Who doesn´t love accessories? Adding them to your outfit helps you create your own and unique style. In sustainability, we always speak of finding your own style, your own fashion voice, away from passing trends. That is why we always recommend buying what you love, what sparks joy in your heart (quoting Marie Kondo here!) and what you see yourself proudly wearing over and over.

That is the reason we curate the best handbags, sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry and small leather pieces for your every occasion. These beautiful accessories follow at least one of our 3S´s or core values: Slow Fashion – meaning not mass-produced, Sustainable and Socially Responsible. So you can make sure along with your purchasing decision you are doing a positive impact in the World.

We are looking to offer you only the best quality and design. That is why we always work thinking in terms of “Heritage”. Especially with accessories as it is easy to pass them down and the sizing is not an issue. I treasure some of the pieces my mom used in the ’70s. When there is quality, they can last a lifetime and it is so special to experience a piece of history of a beloved one. Now, I am the mom and I only buy quality pieces knowing that my daughter will be able to find joy in them when she is ready to wear them (she is only two!).

Say bye to boring looks! With these cool and sustainable accessories, you will spice up your outfit and look simply gorgeous and effortlessly stylish. We can´t wait to see you shine! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram! You can be featured and become one of our #trendsetters!