Gift Cards

You might be unsure about the size, or about the taste. But with these gift cards, you are on the safe side always!
If you are a group of friends looking to surprise with a cool gift, but everyone has a different idea of what the perfect gift would be, a gift card might be perfect for you.
Think of birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, job farewells, graduations, Christmas, and international days like Father´s Day or Mother´s Day. There is always a reason to celebrate and gift.
Sometimes it might be difficult to find a gift. Lack of time, and even the fear to get something she/he already has or wouldn’t like, might make gift searching a stressful task. (You can ask my husband about that!😉).That is when the option of the vouchers or gift cards comes really handy.
Remove the stress, the searching, and still know you are offering a thoughtful present. All the items in our store are part of the Slow & Sustainable Fashion or have a social impact behind. On top of that with every purchase, we plant a tree.
If your friend happens to be vegan, we have a whole vegan fashion section she will love.

Note: Coupons can not be applied to buy Gift Cards.