If you care for the work and the livelihoods of artisans, craftsmen, and the lovely people that in general work in the industry, you might select this value for your next purchase or gift. Handmade means that these pieces are done with the skilled hands of people- like you and me- using traditional techniques that we don’t want to get lost to globalization and modern manufacturing.

This dexterity is the result of long hours of labor, of love, of listening and learning from the ones that have been doing it for years. Traditions are part of our heritage. In textiles and in decor, they take us directly to the country, to the village, to how things used to be before the era of plastic. Our ancestors speak to us through the crafts, through the meditation of the old handloom, through the rumination of the bead weavers. That is why we bet for handmade products. They have a soul.