Slow Fashion

Hi conscious amores! In this Slow Fashion section, you will be able to find pieces that are not mass-produced. Designers and brands here work in small ateliers and workshops. They are dedicated to bringing you quality, design, exclusivity and a lot of love for every single product.

This is how many emerging designers start testing the waters, getting to know their clients and finding their own voice. Who knows, maybe here we have the next McQueen. 😉

Goshopia supports talent and this is our way to open the arms to creativity taking into account the Planet. You might wonder, why slow fashion is better than fast fashion or why is it a sustainable option at all. First, did you know that 1/3 of what is produced in the fashion industry ends up in the landfill? Yes, and mostly they are unsold products. Brands wanting to protect their names will even burn the items (ehem.. Burberry).

Why do you think is that? Big and small brands don’t want that to happen but no fortune teller (or forecast report) can guarantee you what the market will be buying months in advance. Small designers and brands don’t have the same huge operations, so they try to meet the real demand for their products.

How? They do small batches. And when something is about to be finished, they do some more. This also allows them to see what works and what doesn’t and with that in mind, they can pivot to what their real customers want.

By supporting slow fashion designers, you are supporting small businesses, avoiding tons of waste (and their yucky emissions) and allowing creativity to flourish. And guess what? You can rest assured you won’t find your same dress at the party. That is why slow fashion rocks and it´s considered environmentally-friendly!