Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of our three Ss or core values at One we deeply care about and that it has in a way many branches. Within this category, you are going to find artisans that create beautiful handmade pieces, designers that work with Fair Trade associations, support NGOs on their fight against inequalities or share their profit with causes that require everyone’s help and attention.

The Fashion industry has been plagued with abuse and exploitation, with machines taking over cultural heritage and it is time to stop all that and bring back our own humanity.

Our aim might be too high. But we believe that if you shot for the stars, you are already halfway there. And we know we are not alone in this. Thanks to some movies and documentaries, people are able to see the other side of the supply chains. There they found farmers struggling to pay for seeds or to get paid a fair price for their cotton crops. They have seen the amount of water poisoned with chemicals to get the right shade of pink. Now they know the hardships of the garment workers at factories in Dhaka.

There are other stories too. Other untold stories about sons and daughters of craftspeople that have to migrate to the cities because their craft doesn’t make a living as the machines are faster, don’t need to eat or rest.

We are working to make fashion free of all this pain. Free of exploitation and abuse. It won’t happen overnight, but it is our daily motivation, and together with our other S´s, we know that one day fashion will be great again.