Cascandito Forest Eyeglasses


  • USD: 115.72$
  • EUR: €98,91

The Cascandito Forest Eyeglasses are part of the CASCANDITO collection, derived from the beloved and unknown Extremaduran language that means “Awake, daring and gossiping person, who likes to know everything, to always be up to date with what is happening around him.”

The Cascandito Forest Eyeglasses are designed in one piece with floating lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. IT is surely one of the best modern pieces complementing your outfit at any day!

  • Color/Design: Blue/Brown/Black
  • Unisex
  • Slow Fashion
  • Anti Blue lenses
  • Innovative and Patented Design
  • Eco-friendly sunglasses case
  • Materials: Acetate, Metal and “Anti-blue” or “anti-fatigue”
  • Dimensions:
  • A Social Cause. Galfer Dexign is not just about glasses design, they fight against school bullying and together with the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying aim to give visibility to the problem and raise funds.

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Understanding the product...

See the world around in style with Cascandito Forest Eyeglasses! The adjustable screws are meant for vision glasses. These unisex eyeglasses have the unique floating lenses along with a recognizable design that is just perfect for you.

The Cascandito Forest Eyeglasses is made of high-quality materials such as acetate, metal and “anti-blue” or “anti-fatigue” for eye fatigue after long hours of screen time.

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