Chafardero Polka Sunglass Straps


  • USD: 12.25$
  • AED: 45.00AED

Complete your look for the day with the Chafardero White Polka Sunglass Straps! These minimalistic glasses scarf are designed by combining modern design and 1950s polka dots.

Whether you love a ‘vintage’ look, or looking for something new the Chafardero White Polka Sunglass Straps are surely for you.

  • Color/Design: Polka Dot Black and White
  • Fun and creative design
  • Color Combination
  • Work with any glasses
  • Slow Fashion
  • A Social Cause behind. Galfer Dexign is not just about glasses design, they fight against school bullying and together with the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying aim to give visibility to the problem and raise funds.

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Make your day unforgettable with the Chafardero Polka Sunglass Straps! Combining the modern design and 1950s polka dots these minimalistic glasses scarf lets you enjoy the ‘vintage vibes’ you’re looking for. A great gift for the fashionable you!

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