It might seem counterintuitive that we, an online shop, might recommend you do an audit to your wardrobe. But, we are not a typical online shop. We care for the environment and we care for your happiness. And it is possible to have the best of both worlds by just being more aware of the decision we make when buying a product.

We all want to have a lot of choices, but at the same time, why we end up repeating over and over some outfits? I asked some fellow stylists and fashionistas and they said that it is because that look or one piece of the entire ensemble makes you feel good in your skin. The reasons might vary. It might be because it is comfortable, feels cozy, chic or because you feel it represents you.

That is when we start changing how we look to our fully packed closet. What percentage do you think you use more or less? Sad news. Less than 15%. That is why we advocate having less, but making sure whatever you have makes you happy and will allow you to combine very well the rest of the pieces in your closet so that you don’t feel you have lost options.

How to audit your closet?

There is a lot of ways, but we like the Kon Mari Method. This Japanese lady is all about order, zen, and having everything in the right place. She developed a method to clear your closet and be able to keep only what you need and make you happy.

So, take everything out of your closet, your drawers, your shelves, and put everything on top of the bed. Inspect every little piece of clothes you have. When was the last time you used it? Would you be using it back again? Does it fit you and your lifestyle? Do you need to take it to the dry-cleaners and that is the reason why you wear it less? Or maybe it lost a button and that is why is there – waiting forever to be fixed?

When you grab every piece, ask yourself if it sparks joy. Some pieces have a special meaning to us, even if we no longer would or could wear them. Maybe it was part of your look that special day when you meet him, or the first kiss, or just a fun night with the girls… whatever the reason, the emotion is there. You are connected to that piece.

That connection is what makes you keep it, mend it, and cherish it every time you cross paths again. Wouldn´t it be awesome to have that special link to every one of your pieces part of your closet?

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