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Yes! You read well. Goshopia will participate in the first Digital Sustainability Week by Sustainable Narrative! 💃💃💃And we are very excited as it is a unique opportunity to showcase our values and our products to all of you in this new digital format that seems to be here to stay.

We really miss doing our catwalks, our shootings, and our events. And it is not due to the adrenaline, it is because we love meeting YOU… our clients, our fans, and all the supporters of the sustainable fashion movement. Getting to know you it is for us the biggest blessing and the highest of honors.

But we need to be responsible, and make sure we keep you, our staff, and everyone else safe. Covid-19 is not a joke. Some of us, know it very well. Forget conspiracy theories. It is real and you don’t want to catch it or worst, to pass it on to someone else that might have any health issue.

So, digital it is!


This event is organized by the one and only Najia Qazi from Sustainable Narrative. It will take place from the 20th to the 27th of September and we won’t be alone. We will be in fact in very good company with Noorin Khamisani from Outsider, Saja Elmishri, our cherished designer and part of Goshopia’s family too: Vino Supraja, Jelena from GreenFootprint UAE, Jen from Thrift for Good and Impresario.

Goshopia will showcase on the 22nd of September. That is a Tuesday to add to your agenda!

By now, you must be wondering how to join and be part of the fun. Well, it is very easy, Just email us to [email protected] and say… Yes! I want in! 🧚‍♀️ and your wish will be our command.

We want to ask you to share the goodness with everyone you know that has an interest in sustainable fashion and what it represents: deep care for the environment, for the people, without compromising on style, and quality.

Because there is no planet B! And we need you on board!

Lots of Love,

Araceli Gallego





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Some of you might know that today the 5th of June is World Environment Day and this year the event is hosted between two countries: Colombia and Germany. You can take part in the activities and events in this link.

This year´s theme is celebrating Biodiversity and it becomes even more important due to COVID-19.  Why? Taking into account that scientists have been warning us for so long about how the destruction of ecosystems impacts our health and our quality of life, it is no wonder. Some blame the poor pangolins, some blame the bats… I blame us.

By destroying wild habitats, we are not only affecting the delicate balance that Nature has put in place but also getting in touch with species that might bring diseases to us inadvertently. Polluting water, air, and soil is not only going to affect fauna and flora but also us, humans. Why something that is so obvious is not considered is beyond my understanding.

Yet, here we are, suffering a global pandemic. A crisis within a bigger crisis we tend to forget. Life is so precious. We haven’t been able to find life in space as rich and diverse as we have on Earth. And instead of protecting it, cherishing it and connect with it, we do quite the opposite. There is room for every species because we are to live in balance in Nature. That is the issue with us… How do we keep the balance when our human greed just wants more and more of the natural resources yet brings back very little?

I’m sorry, but all this makes me angry. It deeply upsets me. And fashion, as one of the most pollutant human activities plays a big role. How we are producing the raw materials, how we are transforming them, and how we are disposing of them once their lifecycle is finished is key. We can talk about cotton and the very intense use of chemicals and fertilizers that leak into the water. Not only that, but it is also such a thirsty crop that is quite literally drinking up the Aral Sea. People will go thirsty because cotton is taking their natural resources.

We could talk about leather, even taking it as a by-product of the food industry, if the tanning process involves Chrome, that leather will hold the heavy metals not only while we are using them, but also when we are ready to dispose of them. The leather will biodegrade and leak the chrome into the soil.

The Earth can take a certain amount of mess, but we are reaching levels when the word “unsustainable” needs to come up again and again. I am sure and hopeful that if we all do our best, we can change the downward spiral pattern. You might go vegan one day per week, you might start recycling, you might avoid buying items with excessive packaging, you might want to start buying fashion with a consciousness. Whatever way you decide to go, we will be happy to be part of your journey. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Becoming more sustainable is a transition and you can do it by taking baby steps. Every little effort counts.


A friend in Bahrain is celebrating biodiversity by sharing how people are recycling. So if you have pictures of yourself recycling, send them over here with your location and she will add a flag to your location. It is a small gesture that can raise a wave of awareness.

Now more than ever IT IS TIME FOR NATURE!

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Isn’t it great that there is more and more awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion? Isn’t it awesome to know that designers, distributors, the media and consumers are combining efforts to give a positive turn to the fashion industry? A clear example is the active agenda of sustainable fashion events around the world. In this article, we will like to share the upcoming gatherings you cannot miss. Continue reading SUSTAINABLE FASHION EVENTS YOU CANNOT MISS

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Celebrities have for years used their platform for good, to educate their audiences on their beliefs and what we can do to improve our standard of living. One way they do that is through their ethical practices, and this, of course, includes what they wear. Our favorite stars have been seen donning glitzy and glamorous designer ‘fits out and about, not just on red carpets and runways. What you may not be aware of is that sometimes those designers and brands are sustainable. Below, Goshopia lists some of our absolute heroes for promoting and living that sustainable and ethical life!

Continue reading SUSTAINABLE STARS

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Have you ever checked the tag on your clothes where it says, ‘Made in [insert country here]’? Ever given it a second thought? An important conversation happening in the fashion industry right now is that of how brands are producing the clothes and the conditions that workers work under.