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Sustainable Celebs

Celebrities have for years used their platform for good, to educate their audiences on their beliefs and what we can do to improve our standard of living. One way they do that is through their ethical practices, and this, of course, includes what they wear. Our favorite stars have been seen donning glitzy and glamorous designer ‘fits out and about, not just on red carpets and runways. What you may not be aware of is that sometimes those designers and brands are sustainable. Below, Goshopia lists some of our absolute heroes for promoting and living that sustainable and ethical life!

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People asking #whomademyclothes

Have you ever checked the tag on your clothes where it says, ‘Made in [insert country here]’? Ever given it a second thought? An important conversation happening in the fashion industry right now is that of how brands are producing the clothes and the conditions that workers work under.