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Summer is here! And so, it’s time for beach holidays and tans, and cold, cold drinks to soothe us for the next few months at least. It’s the season for taking a break. Before you’re off to do everything under the sun (literally), let us provide you with the ultimate list of summer essentials you will need pronto.

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The summer holidays are around the corner and it’s time to explore a new destination. Travelling, Holiday, Relaxation … are a few of the best-loved words, or are they? When we think of that well deserved, absolutely needed, break from our daily routines and responsibilities What are the priorities? Definitely, you need to measure the experience, the cost, the distance -which determines means of transportation, the accommodation, and all recreational activities as a family or as a solo traveler. We want to show you that you can add to your list of priorities the care of the environment with just a little thought when organizing your next trip. So, where are we off next?