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10 new year sustainable resolutions say no to fast fashion

With the new year come new resolutions and we all know how those end. Gym memberships are unused and the money we were saving end up being a vacation in the Maldives. New year resolutions are a tradition that in most cases is never finished because people do not see the impact and consider it a waste of time. I want to share with you my 10 new year sustainable resolutions that are easily accomplished. 

1. Switch from disposable to reusable products

This is the easiest and cheapest way you can do something good for the planet. You can start by bringing your own water bottle or using fabric rounds instead of cotton rounds to remove makeup. There are many alternatives such as tote shopping bags, diva cups/period underwear, or eco-friendly razors instead of the regular ones. The possibilities are endless; try switching out one disposable product per month and you will see how easy and cost-effective it is. 

10 sustainable resolutions - Switch from disposable to reusable products

2. Consume less meat and dairy products

It is no secret the meat industry is an enemy of the environment and we are not asking anyone to stop eating animal products. Reducing meat and dairy consumption can make a massive impact on the planet and all it takes is a Meatless Monday.

You can schedule it how you want, you can only eat animal products on the weekend or switch to purchasing from bio farms. This is about everyone doing things imperfectly rather than everyone doing it perfectly because we end up creating a bigger positive impact. 

 3. Choose organic whenever possible

We do realize that organic food tends to be more expensive but buying your favorite organic vegetable has many health benefits as you are not putting harmful chemicals into your body. In addition, organic farming uses fewer resources and prevents air and water pollution. 

In the UAE, you can check Emirates BIO Farm from our friend Yazen or join a membership like the Eroego supporting ugly veggies.

The same would apply to beauty products. Avoid difficult-to-pronounce chemicals and embrace natural, organic ingredients.

4. Plant your own garden 

Growing your own garden is not only good for the environment but also makes your home extremely fresh and cozy. You can grow your own herbs which will be fresh, create less waste and taste better. The garden can be as small as having two herbs or covering the entire terrace, the choice is yours. 

10 sustainable resolutions - plant your own garden

 5. Avoid palm oil

It is everywhere. Palm oil is harmful to the environment and your health, so there is no reason why we should keep consuming it. Orangutans are going extinct because their natural habitat is being replaced with palm trees for a product that is ruining the planet and our health. Palm oil is found in various products from cooking and baking to cosmetics. All you have to do is look at the ingredient list and look out for the most commonly used terms such as Palmate, Palmitate, or Glyceryl. 

6. Donate/Reuse/Upcycle your old clothing 

We all have clothing that is sitting in our closets and taking up our storage space. This can be easily fixed by going through your wardrobe and getting rid of things you no longer use. There are many ways to do so such as donating clothing you no longer use or fit in or upcycling it.

In the UAE, you can donate your clothes to our friends at Thrift for Good. They have an NGO behind that supports children with food, clothes, education… Also, you can resell it on platforms such as Retold, Depop, Vestiaire Collective, or The RealReal.

Looking for creative ideas to give more use or upcycle your garments? Let us help! You can use old shirts to dry your hair as it causes less friction than a normal towel. You can cut jeans to make shorts, create cloth napkins out of an old dress, or customize it so that nothing you own ends up in the landfill. 

 7. Edit your closet

There is no better feeling than looking at your closet and it is all spacious and organized. Take everything out and see what you own. Get rid of items you no longer wear or alter those that you could wear but maybe need a little update. Once you have all the clothing you will for sure wear, organize it in a way you can see it all once you open the closet. Put it on hangers and create outfits, but do not put it in a box because you will not see those items in the next 6 years. This is a very practical sustainable resolution as you will fall in love with your wardrobe all over again.

Want to learn more? Check this article-> HOW TO CREATE A SUSTAINABLE CLOSET

  8. Say no to fast fashion

Fast fashion is atrocious. Most brands put on the label that the products were made of recycled cotton but there is more to it. The truth is that they don’t pay their workers a fair salary. Big fast fashion brands use a lot of greenwashing to make you believe that they are caring for the planet. However, the numbers and tragic cases say a different story.

You can support many local brands that were made to be good and still make sure you look and feel confident. If you need to purchase a new item, which we all need and do, try our Goshopia platform. Here you can find items that are slow, sustainable, and socially responsible. 

9. Sign petitions throughout the year

Petitions are extremely important and people need to sign them to create good. Petitions allow governments to take action and listen to the people when they have issues. It only takes 2 minutes and can create a major difference. However, please do not tell yourself that if you will not sign it, it won’t matter because it is just you, it is not. When 3000 people say that it is just them and they won’t sign it, it has a major negative impact on the output of the petition. 

You can join Fashion Revolution or Remake to be in the loop.

10. Educate others

Last but not least, discuss environmental issues with others. We can all learn from each other and implement things others are doing. Do not be rude, negative, or shame anyone only because they have a different opinion. Let’s have an open discussion and come together to make sure the next generations will breathe the same fresh air we did as kids. 

These are our sustainable New Year’s resolutions. We would love to know which ones are yours? Please leave a comment or send us a message to connect and support one another.


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