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The 5th of June is a special date… It is World Environment Day and we, at Goshopia, want to celebrate it. We will be at Kave from 15.00 to 18.00h on that day joining hands with Veolia and other eco and social entrepreneurs talking about what can we do to improve our Home Earth. As there is a limited capacity of 60 people, you will need to register online.

We have done quite a lot of wrongs and it is true that we cannot turn back time. But there are things we should be doing. Do you want some ideas?

Let’s Plant a Tree!

Planting and growing trees help stop soil degradation, they capture carbon, help us greenify and purify our cities, our balconies, our gardens. They bring oxygen, wealth, food and shade. And as a tree hugger, I must confess they give me a sense of peace, of well being. That is why with every purchase you do at our shop, we plant a tree. At the moment, we are supporting reforestation projects in Australia, Amazonia and Haiti. You can learn more about it here.

We want to share an example of how critical trees are for your own survival and how even in the most arid climate on Earth, there is still hope to bring back life.

Have you ever heard about restorative agriculture? Listen and enjoy this personal account of the Al Baydha Project in Saudi. This video was shared by Yazen Al Kodmani- an expert in organic agriculture I admired a lot and the mastermind behind Emirates BioFarm. He successfully operates an organic farm in the desert and is a fount of wisdom. He is also part of the Veolia event on the 5th of June. Don’t miss his talk!

Let’ s change our diets!

You don’t need to turn fully vegan- although we would support you and be very happy about it. All we ask you to do is to take care of yourself, eat local produce, eat healthy, try to avoid all those uber processed foods that are full of conservatives, preservatives and stuff we don’t even know how it looks and have chemical names and numbers. And, a ton of shiny plastic packaging to make them attractive.

It is about being more aware what goes into your body. You know what we think about fast food and fast fashion. Just slow down…

Let’s clean up our mess!

We are the generation to change things. The past taught us that we have an impact, and most of the time is not a positive one. It is about time we change that. And please don’t think you can not do much, or that you are alone on this… as consumers we have a huge power that we need to start using up. So:

  • Avoid plastic whenever possible- yes, those plastic and grocery bags are sooo last century!
  • Switch off the electronics when not in use.
  • Try to use public transportation, carpool or if you can afford it, get yourself an electric vehicle. Bicycles are great too! (not in the Dubai summer though!)
  • Remember the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. We Repeat them a lot. It can be applied to everything, not only fashion. We really need to start thinking circularity as the norm. Our partners at Zeloop are doing a great job, check them here.

Let’s live and dress more consciously

Awareness and mindfulness are keywords here. Have you ever bought a bunch of low-cost clothes all at once to have a diversified wardrobe or just because you needed some retail therapy? Then you wind up only wearing two or three of them. Trend cycles in fast fashion change faster than you realize. The popular celebrity culture inspires fast fashion. The fast fashion industry aims to have the latest trends and styles in the market in the shortest amount of time possible so that consumers can wear them at the peak of the trend and after that, they’re usually discarded. We enter a never-ending race of what is the latest, the chicest … We stop appreciating quality and the work behind the clothes we wear.

The creation of these garments requires a large amount of energy and resources; also, many of the chemicals used to produce synthetics or dyes are toxic to people. The toxins can enter our skin through pores and be harmful to our health. Microplastics are asphyxiating marine life. (Some solutions below ⤵).

The fast fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

Just slow down. Buy only what you need and what you love. What makes you happy! (Marie Kondo here). Slow fashion supports a more ethical production and the use of sustainable materials in garments. Sustainable materials are coming from eco-friendly friendly sources, such as recycled or organic materials, and use less energy and water. Another distinguishing feature of slow fashion is that, in contrast to fast fashion, slow fashion creates less items as they try to meet their real demand and they tend to be timeless and more durable. That means there is less waste.

We try to raise awareness. People are now more concerned about the impact of fashion on the environment and slowly but surely, slow fashion is becoming mainstream.

The fast fashion industry is accountable for 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Educate the next generation

So they don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Let’s Celebrate by taking a pledge

The fifth of June is World Environment Day, it is celebrated to remind us how our environment is crucial for us to survive, to signify the beauty of it and find ways to protect it from further damage. So, we want to invite you to make peace with Nature and join our pledge challenge. This is the perfect moment for us to come together and reimagine our world. Given the deep pain of 2020, this 2021’s World Environment Day is a good time to revisit how we can move forward to restore our communities, our ecosystems, and our climate. This day also marks the official start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Be part of it. Join #generationrestoration in #worldenvironmentday.

At Goshopia, we promote and support ethical and sustainable fashion. We exclusively sell products that comply with at least one of our 3S’s: Sustainability, Slow fashion, and Social responsibility. In addition to this, we plant a tree for every purchase made. Thanks to your support, we can keep on our mission.

World environment day dubai


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Some of you might know that today the 5th of June is World Environment Day and this year the event is hosted between two countries: Colombia and Germany. You can take part in the activities and events in this link.

This year´s theme is celebrating Biodiversity and it becomes even more important due to COVID-19.  Why? Taking into account that scientists have been warning us for so long about how the destruction of ecosystems impacts our health and our quality of life, it is no wonder. Some blame the poor pangolins, some blame the bats… I blame us.

By destroying wild habitats, we are not only affecting the delicate balance that Nature has put in place but also getting in touch with species that might bring diseases to us inadvertently. Polluting water, air, and soil is not only going to affect fauna and flora but also us, humans. Why something that is so obvious is not considered is beyond my understanding.

Yet, here we are, suffering a global pandemic. A crisis within a bigger crisis we tend to forget. Life is so precious. We haven’t been able to find life in space as rich and diverse as we have on Earth. And instead of protecting it, cherishing it and connect with it, we do quite the opposite. There is room for every species because we are to live in balance in Nature. That is the issue with us… How do we keep the balance when our human greed just wants more and more of the natural resources yet brings back very little?

I’m sorry, but all this makes me angry. It deeply upsets me. And fashion, as one of the most pollutant human activities plays a big role. How we are producing the raw materials, how we are transforming them, and how we are disposing of them once their lifecycle is finished is key. We can talk about cotton and the very intense use of chemicals and fertilizers that leak into the water. Not only that, but it is also such a thirsty crop that is quite literally drinking up the Aral Sea. People will go thirsty because cotton is taking their natural resources.

We could talk about leather, even taking it as a by-product of the food industry, if the tanning process involves Chrome, that leather will hold the heavy metals not only while we are using them, but also when we are ready to dispose of them. The leather will biodegrade and leak the chrome into the soil.

The Earth can take a certain amount of mess, but we are reaching levels when the word “unsustainable” needs to come up again and again. I am sure and hopeful that if we all do our best, we can change the downward spiral pattern. You might go vegan one day per week, you might start recycling, you might avoid buying items with excessive packaging, you might want to start buying fashion with a consciousness. Whatever way you decide to go, we will be happy to be part of your journey. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Becoming more sustainable is a transition and you can do it by taking baby steps. Every little effort counts.


A friend in Bahrain is celebrating biodiversity by sharing how people are recycling. So if you have pictures of yourself recycling, send them over here with your location and she will add a flag to your location. It is a small gesture that can raise a wave of awareness.

Now more than ever IT IS TIME FOR NATURE!