Duet Luxury

Duet Luxury is a unique fashion brand. Priyanka Baid (Pearl Academy of Fashion) and Shruti Bansal (University of Warwick) are the women behind the dynamic duo that decided to bring in their diverse experiences and expertise and create, out of a small family business, a creative company that has hoards of fans.

With a vast product portfolio of exclusive handcrafted accessories blending exotic wood and leather coupled with the luxury of customizing every produce- Duet Luxury is original, futuristic, fun and functional.

Duet Luxury offers these bespoke accessories to suit modern go-getters who like to stand out and show their individuality. The collection is full of unique shapes and embellishments- some contemporary some with more traditional features- yet all head-turning.

Priyanka & Shruti work together to bring a good balance in design and business and they love to explore new ideas to create exciting collections. Especially they love playing with materials and textures. In her collections, you might find acrylic, Swarovski accents, mirrors, leather, embroidery and of course wood: their signature material.  Duet Luxury strives to create unconventional products that allow each of us to express our individuality.

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Showing 1–20 of 22 results