Feli Creaciones

Juana Gonzalez is the hands and heart behind Feli Creaciones. Initially a booming family business, when the easy decision was to outsource and buy cheap from remote locations, she decided to slow down and go back to the basics.

As a result, her beautiful clothes are handmade and handstitched in crochet in Spain and are sold in exclusive department stores and created on-demand for wealthy families. A mom of two, she wanted to go back to those special moments where the expecting mothers will start knitting the first clothes of their beloved daughter or son to come as a test of love and patience. There is a lot of wish-well in her knits.

Her designs are timeless and speak of love and care louder than any words would ever do. So, if you are looking for that special gift for your best friends´ baby shower or if you are the mama-to-be, Juana has something that you will love for sure.