Vasilisa Kozhemiako MYKAFTANMyKaftan is a fashion label created in Dubai. The designer and founder of the brand, Vasilisa Kozhemiako, was born in the Far East of Russia and started her career in Shanghai, China. There, she got a chance to work with one famous fashion house and to learn how to design and create clothes.  With the knowledge she acquired in Asia, she moved to Dubai and decided to launch her own brand. The charm and mystery of abayas became her inspiration.

Vasilisa wants to create a modern alternative to the traditional abaya and find new elegant ways to dress modestly. Her proposals are effortlessly chic. All the MyKaftan pieces are carefully produced by artisans in the United Arab Emirates with elements of hand-made stitching and laser cutting – which is her signature design.

In her quest for high-quality fabrics, she ended up in Premiere Vision in Paris, the biggest and the most luxurious textile fair in Europe. There Vasilisa found her suppliers. That’s one of the reasons why her pieces are so unique.

MyKaftan is created for women who respect the modest movement and love to combine tradition and modernity. It´s a celebration of the femininity regardless of the latest trends. Vasilisa Kozhemiako is part of the slow fashion movement.

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