NUSA STUDIO LOGONusa World brings you the finest handcrafted silver jewellery fashioned by Bali artisans using techniques handed down from generation to generation. “Nusa” means in the local language “island”.

They are an ethical and environmentally responsible jewellery brand that has their whole production based on the use of traditional materials and techniques dating back to a time when the silversmiths served Bali’s ancient royal courts.

Starting with raw silver and copper smelted to .925 Sterling Silver, each piece is lovingly handcrafted and finished by a single artisan. Even the chains are crafted link by link using traditional techniques. After that, each piece is polished by hand ensuring that the detail of the design is brought out. Each Nusa piece is certified as .925 Sterling Silver and marked with the 925 Fineness Mark.

Providing sustainable employment and fair wages so that artisans can remain in their villages with their families, enables them to continue to live their traditional way of life rather than having to leave their villages to work in the tourist industry. By remaining with their families, artisans are able to pass their skills down through the generations ensuring that this knowledge is not lost to time.

Their production techniques are free from harsh chemicals or pollutants. They use Borax, a form of salt is used as a flux in the manufacturing process, and tamarind, a locally available fruit is used to polish and remove tarnish from the silver. These products are naturally available, have no health implications for the artisans and cause no problems of disposal.

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Showing 1–20 of 90 results