sustainable advent calendar

We love Christmas! It is time to be with friends and family, reflect on what meant the year that is about to be finished, see with hope the one starting, and share happiness and joy in so many ways! Shopping is usually part of the equation unless you are very crafty and can create the gifts yourself! That is why we have created this Sustainable Advent Calendar. 

If you feel you need some ideas for your next gifts, just have a look at them. Every day we will be bringing you a product or a service that could be an awesome gift for your loved ones. And if you have questions, or need a helping hand, just count on us. We will be super happy to assist you! Email, Whatsapp, or our web chat, we are here to help you!

Choosing the right present is very important. You want to reflect your values and the values of the person you are gifting. You want them to feel the emotion and love that you host in your heart. I feel now more than ever we care for the stories behind the gifts. Finally, the world comes to realize we are connected, and we appreciate more than ever that human touch.

Let’s create beautiful memories together!


It is very easy. Every day we will share a new post with ideas and products that could be a good fit. Every day a new button will appear here so you can revisit the whole calendar and catch up with other days in case you missed any.

All the products will follow at least one of our 3S’s or core values:

  • Slow
  • Sustainable
  • Socially Responsible
  • and there is a 4th S… which is Style! But you already know that!


HoHoHo… Santa is coming! Are you ready?

Best Gift Ever #1

A Cute Scarf!
From organic cotton to regenerated silk...
Soft & Luxurious!
Let me see some!

Best Gift Ever #2

Some Handcrafted Silver Jewelry!
Oh! I'd love to see it!

Best Gift Ever #3

A Handmade Wooden Bag!
Let me see that!

From our Family to yours!

Thanks for your support always!

Team Goshopia
Goshopia sustainable fashion magazine

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  • best branded logo face masks in Dubai

    Branded Logo Fabric Face Mask- Only Available for UAE

    • USD: 10.89$
    • EUR: €9,31

    In Stock

    Sold By: CandyAdd to basket
  • Padma Silver Bracelet Goshopia Bali Ethical Jewelry Silver Jewellery

    Padma Silver Bracelet

    • USD: 277.04$
    • EUR: €236,81

    In Stock

    Sold By: NusaAdd to basket
  • go green sleeveless tunic vino supraja sustainable fashion

    Go Green Tunic Sleeveless

    • USD: 149.48$
    • EUR: €127,77

    In Stock

    Sold By: Vino SuprajaSelect options
  • Pipa earrings raffia sustainable accessories

    Pipa Raffia Earrings

    Sale! 185.00AED
    • USD: 50.37$
    • EUR: €43,06

    Out of Stock

    Sold By: Verbena MadridSelect options

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