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 When it comes to menstruation products for years there were only two options available: either pads, either tampons. None of them were really eco-friendly or good for our bodies. Thank God today we have more and much better options to go through our periods. Keep on reading to get all the facts!

Why are the old pads and tampons not great for our health and the health of the Planet?

Well, pads have layers of plastic to avoid leaks and absorb the discharge. Using a pad ( or a pantyliner) for long hours can create infections as it doesn’t allow the area to “breathe”. Plastic also interferes with our hormones and can worsen certain conditions.

Tampons are not great either. Have you ever heard of the Toxic Shock Syndrome?

According to Wikipedia, Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare but life-threatening condition caused by bacteria getting into the body and releasing harmful toxins. It’s often associated with tampon use in young women, but it can affect anyone of any age – including men and children.

“I got a huge infection out of some cotton fibers that didn’t come out together with the rest of the tampon. This was many years ago, but after that, I just avoided them like the plague.” Araceli

Also, they bleach the cotton to make it look clean. Our internal tissue needs love and care not bleached products in my humble opinion. If you are sensitive, they are a no-go.

Why they are not great for the environment? Well, for starters they are disposable. If there are alternatives to disposable products, we should use them. Period… (Pun intended!)

Also, they use chemicals and plastic that will make them not biodegrade. I don’t see a reason why my pads need to stay around for decades when they literally have 4 hours of glory.

The comeback of Better Period Products

Over the years, different feminine products have been put up to use. Canonically, one of the recent ones becoming more popular worldwide is period underwear, which has been around since 1967 by a lady named Gladys Ruppel Williams. Since then, different creative and innovative people have improved it to what it is now. 

 Designed to protect ladies from menstrual leaks all day, period underwear transcends other feminine products. It is non-invasive and, most of all, eco-friendly. An additional choice for you!

 If you’re trying to figure out which brands, materials, and information you’ll need to switch to period pants, fabric pads, or cups. We’ve got your back. Check ours! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

SelenaCare is an Austrian brand that has all the European Certifications. We have tried and tested them and we fell in love. That is why they have made their way to be part of the Goshopia family of products. We love the fact too that we have alternative products for our every need… from daily pantyliners to heavy flow requirements.

Fundamentals of Period Underwear

A little bit of history 🤓

The evolution of period underwear has come a long way. Different individuals and organizations took years to show results that will convince us. Well, we women are very demanding, you know?

 In 1967, a woman called Gladys Ruppel William received a patent for underwear made of “moisture-proof material.” 21 years later, in 1988, a Chinese company was issued a patent for undergarments lined with a “non-toxic, flexible plastic film.” Then, another Chinese manufacturer invented a leakproof liner in 1995 as part of a “clean-keeping woman undergarment.”

 Finally, two individuals in recent years further stepped up their game. Dear Kate’s owner – Julie Sygiel, and THINX’s Miki Agrawal were able to make something eco-friendly by integrating the existing materials with a different approach – better period underwear. These period underwear are manufactured to look and feel like your everyday undies whilst absorbing menstrual blood. 

 How do period panties work

Period underwear is like daily undergarments but with a twist. In addition to being used during menstrual days, it has a layer of special fibers that absorb fluids from the body and trap them inside the underwear, preventing them from leaking out. They can replace other feminine products or you can combine them.

 If you are worried if you can wear them all day, the answer varies. It basically depends on your flow on that particular day. That is why there are different options ranging from heavy to medium to light. However, on a typical average flow day, one pair of period panties is enough for around 8 hours. You can always add extra protection (such as a menstrual cup or a tampon) in case of very heavy flow or if you are anxious. We know there are some occasions you just need to feel safe.

 Why Period Underwear?

You might still be thinking, “Why period underwear?” Here is why.

 Period panties provide comfort and leak-proofing properties. And as an alternative to pads and tampons, they are convenient, easy to clean and use, and are least likely to get you an infection. Furthermore, period underwear is an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective option. 

 Not only they are comfortable, but they are also economic- especially in the long term. You might need to do some maths.

From our first cycle to menopause, an average healthy woman will have around 450 periods in her lifetime. if we add that up is around 10 years — or about 3,500 days — that we spent menstruating. Wow! Fun! Right? Think about how many pads and tampons you are using per period. 💸

 In contrast to purchasing monthly pads or tampons, you can buy a couple of period panties and a menstrual cup and use them for years before changing to new ones. And since they are not disposable and they last longer, it leaves a minimal footprint on the environment and you get to save money. This is what I call a Win-Win situation.

 Are period panties sanitary?

It is important to note that period underwear is sanitary if correctly washed. Depending on the instructions given when you bought it, it can be hand washed or put in a washing machine after a rinse. Naturally, it should be washed in a delicate or gentle mode to not ruin it, with no fabric conditioner.

However, you should be aware that these underwear are not stain-resistant. As a result, give them a rinse with water before putting them in the washing machine. You can let the water run through them until it comes clear. Extra tip: get with them in the shower so you do it all in one go. Stepping gently on them while you are having your morning (or evening) shower, is a good way to get it done fast.

It is a matter of Wear, Wash, Dry, and Repeat…

 Period underwear can last up to full five years if appropriately washed. SelenaCare can stand up to 100 washes without losing any absorbing power. Oh! The same applies to fabric pads. Easy peasy!

washing your period panties

 Period Underwear, is it worth it?

Period underwear can be reusable and less pollutant compared to other feminine products, thus a very eco-friendly option. Designed without toxic chemicals, it helps ladies around the world feel comfortable and have a less irritating day! To us, it ticks all the right boxes… so, Yes!

 And what is the alternative to tampons?

 The best alternative to tampons is the menstrual cups. They are made out of medical-grade silicone and are very easy to use. Our cups are soft and easy to insert. Ours even has a loop at the tip, so they are super easy to remove too. Period cups can last a whopping 10 years. And you can do exactly the same as with tampons.. activities, sports and even swimming. Nothing will stop you!

Eco-friendly period products, menstrual cup.

Another pro is that time you can use these eco-friendly menstrual products. Pads you need to change every 4-5 hours. Period panties every 8 hours. Tampons need to be changed every 4-6 hours. You can use a Menstrual cup for up to 12 hours with no problem. Of course, it all depends on your flow, but this to me is a Yes!

All in all, these are the best period products you can find out there! If you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out to us on the chat or via email. We will be happy to assist you and share with you our experience!

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