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Reading is one of the best things you can do to expand your mind and open up to the imagination or discoveries of other people around the World. At Goshopia we love reading all sorts of books and magazines. From the comfort of your tablet, your phone, your Kindle or if you are old school and love paper, we are really happy to bring you a selection of our favorite sustainable fashion books and magazines.

Education is key when it comes to understanding what is happening and how we can make it better. Transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle can seem overwhelming. So, our advice is to take it easy and implement things bit by bit. Having a fully sustainable closet doesn’t happen overnight- although our mindsets can change in a matter of minutes! So, get your facts together and do what resonates with your heart and your actual situation.

All the sustainable fashion books and magazines you see here have been read, enjoyed and recommended by a team member or a fellow friend. In some cases, we even know the authors and know the effort they went through to publish their books. There is still a lot of questions about sustainable and ethical fashion out there. We are still measuring impacts and keep doing research on materials and production processes.

Eco-fashion is still quite a niche and people interested in this topic- if you ask me- are people that are ahead of the curve, trendsetter and not followers. That is why they will always have our applause and our support. It is not easy to break ground and ask inconvenient questions to see the problem and find a solution.

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Showing all 9 results