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The Fácil Blanco 100% Italian Linen collection is designed with high-quality linen and in US sizes. Linen is a gorgeous, comfortable and durable fabric that is made from fibers of the flax plant. Taking care of linen is easy and it grows softer and more lustrous with age. Each garment of Fácil Blanco´s collection is pre-shrunk and softened.

Please see tables for sizing references.



Please observe that these sizes are only guidelines to help you find the right size of Facil Blanco Dubai´s gorgeous garments. Please take into account that sizes may differ notably between different clothing manufacturers and brands. So what these tables might not help you for other brands.
As an additional reference, these are the measurements of Facil Blanco models as per the look book.

Female Model

Height182 cm/ 6′
Bust/Chest90 cm/ 35″
Waist70 cm/ 27″
Hips98 cm/ 38″

Male Model

Height186 cm/ 6’10”
Bust/Chest97 cm/ 38″
Waist75 cm/ 29″
Hips96 cm/ 37″

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