Vino Supraja

Vino Supraja is the designer behind this eponymous premium womenswear brand that has sustainability and ethics at its very core.

Her garments are created by people who are empowered to make a living thanks to the skilled work they do. They guarantee that there’s no mass production or extortion of any sort during the production of any of her pieces.

"It’s not just our people that we care about, our impact on the planet is another major consideration that we take very seriously when creating our garments. Being green is an ongoing quest and we like to think that we’ve made great strides, thanks to our use of organically produced, natural fibers and pigments. We also handloom our textiles and have achieved certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard."

Vino Supraja aims to reduce waste wherever possible through the recycling of unused materials and by educating consumers. Her beautiful clothes are made to last and we want you to enjoy wearing them over and over.

Outstanding creativity goes into every design.  Vino takes inspiration from the world around her: architecture, literature, history and culture and even modern day events. Her pieces are truly inspired and represent a piece of art in themselves.

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Showing 1–20 of 55 results