Richmond Works


Richmond Works is the brainchild of Dubai resident Daniela Williams. Each bag is dedicated to a member of Daniela´s family and pets. This is just a representation of how close she feels to each of her creations.

Daniela takes care of every single detail and every part of the process. They spent a long time finding a tannery that would consider the environment. The tannery they chose uses technology to ensure it has minimal impact on the environment and surrounding. All of her pieces are handmade in India, in a small village. Thanks to the work she is providing, the village is having improvements in the school and in the surrounding Nature as she is spearheading a reforestation program.

The leather has been tanned using sustainable traditional methods with vegetable extracts and oils. After tanning, the leather is hand-dyed. Every Richmond piece is quite unique. Every season Daniela changes the cotton lining of her bags with a new and exciting pattern created by Charlotte from the Bang Bang Collective in France.