Future Females Sustainable Fashion Talk (2)

Are you available on the 12th of April at 18.00? Then, join us at the Grand Plaza Movenpick in Media City to speak about my passion topic: Sustainable Fashion. This initiative is coming from the ladies behind Future Females Dubai, Lesley Forsmann, and Katherine Afonso. Two brave women that decided to start a chapter of the international Future Females here in Dubai. What is Future Females? It is a genius concept.

About Future Females

Future Females  is a movement to increase the success of female entrepreneurs globally. It is kind of a support group between women that are in a journey of growth, entrepreneurship and freedom. Now, we won’t be so lonely. We have a tribe!

Lesley and Katherine learned about this group. Being both passionate about personal development , women empowerment and leadership joined hands and started the Dubai chapter. The idea is to connect ladies that have an entrepreneurial spirit, that want to know more and grow in their personal and professional lives.  Every month they organize an event. They are always very inspirational and great places to network and meet interesting people.  If it is true what they say about us being the average of the closets 5 people, this is a good way to start raising your number.

At Goshopia and Fashion Revolution UAE we believe very much in community. It is at the very center of everything we do. Actually, we are organizing the next Fashion Revolution Week and it is going to be awesome! Stay tuned to learn the details, but basically we will be having amazing talks. Like the one called… Going Bananas, Wearing Pineapples.. with Carmen Hijosa from Pinatex, and the CEO of Bananatex. Another talk where we will explore together the supply chain and what each stakeholder expects and how to find solutions that work well for all the parties. Another talk to see and review the connection with our oceans and how critical they are for our lives and our own survival. And of course, workshops, a digital catwalk etc etc… Honestly, it is too good and you dont want to miss it!

The Rise of Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

You know how much I love sustainable fashion talks. It is a way to learn, discover new people, and get to know my customers thoughts. I have been quite active lately with University Sustainability Series and Clubhouses here and there. This will be the first physical event in a while and I must admit I miss seeing your pretty faces very much. There is nothing like having a good face to face. Of course, you dont worry as Covid protocols will be respected at all times. Just seeing you in 3D and not in a screen, will make my day! On top of that I wont be alone. Two more friendly faces will be with me.

Together with yours truly on this talk, you will see Najia Qazia from Sustainable Narrative and Nathalie Neuilly from Dressarte. Two ladies I admire a lot and that are helping educate about the positives of mindful fashion choices. The three of us will be interviewed by the one and only Lesley Forsmann.

If you are dying to join us, now  I only have to share with you the link to register. It cost 100 dhs to cover for event fees and some drinks for all of us to enjoy.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Araceli Gallego


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